How to convert a user to a subscriber on Facebook

Sometimes there is an opportunity to convert a user, a friend to a follower on a Facebook account. Here’s how you can do it.

How to convert from friends to Facebook followers

In social networks such categories of users as friends and followers are to some extent one and the same, and at the same time – completely different categories of users. Experts recommend not overloading your personal profile with an overly “bloated” friend-feed. It is much better to have more subscribers than friends. Therefore, let’s understand what the essence of these two categories of users in Facebook, as well as how you can convert friends into followers.

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So what are the differences?

Initially, the “Friends” category was created in Facebook in order for the user to distinguish in a special way people with whom he personally knows and with whom he communicates not only on the Internet. Users from the same Friend feed can comment on posts, tag each other in photos and event announcements. They can also see each other’s location and even create a joint page with a friendship history.

When a user adds a new account to their Friend Feed, they automatically become a subscriber to the content posted on their friend’s profile. But if desired, this subscription can be easily removed without harming the friendship.

A subscriber is a user status that is appropriate for someone who is interested in the content posted on a particular account. Many components of the functionality available to friends are not available to subscribers, but they, in principle, do not need it. However, the user can, if desired, provide subscribers with the ability to comment on their publications.

In the personal profile, the user has both friends and subscribers. As for Facebook pages, they can have subscribers exclusively.

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How to invite friends to a page

Making a friend a subscriber is quite simple. If this or that user is not your personal acquaintance, and you are sure that this action will not offend anyone, then the user is simply removed from friends, leaving him a subscription to your content. However, for accounts with extremely or almost extremely full friend-list (on Facebook it is allowed to have up to 5 thousand friends), this process is likely to be very long and very laborious.

Therefore, it is better to invite friends to your page. You can do it in the following way:

  • On your page, click on the three dots next to the “Share” option.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Invite friends”.
  • Select the friends you want to invite to your page.

As a result, you will get the following:

  • you’ll expand your audience;
  • you will keep your profile name in the page title;
  • make your friends subscribers to the page;
  • you can transfer your favorite photos and videos from your personal account to the page;
  • you will have a page, but your personal profile will not go anywhere.

Attention! Earlier it was possible to convert your personal Facebook profile into a page, but after the update of the social network there is no such possibility. Therefore, you will have to create a page separately.

Useful information

To be in the friend-feed of another user, you need to send him a request, and the user must confirm it. That is, friendship in Facebook, as in life – the result of mutual consent of two people.

You can subscribe to a page unilaterally, and this process does not require the consent of the page owner.

Increase the number of subscribers

It is necessary to open a “Subscribe” button in the profile of the page and give users the opportunity to follow the life of the page and, if desired, add to the subscribers. To do this:

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • In the left column, click on “Public Publications.”
  • Find the “Who can subscribe to me” option and select “Available to all” in its settings.

These actions will activate the “Subscribe” button located in the bottom right corner of the cover. In the same section you can customize the audience settings, giving users the ability to comment on publications, put likes, and familiarize themselves with profile information.

If there is a person undesirable for you among the subscribers of the page, you can impose certain restrictions on him/her.

  • Go to the “People and other pages” section in the “Settings” of the page.
  • Find the subscriber you need.
  • Highlight it with a “bird”.
  • Click on the “gear” to either remove this subscriber from your “Likes” or deny him/her access to the page.

How to convert Facebook to a business account

Being active on Facebook has become a part of professional life. You want to add a lot more people as friends than the limit allows. How to be in such a case? The best option is to create a business account in the social network. Let’s find out how to do this and what you need to take into account during this procedure.

Differences between a profile and a page

Having a personal profile is a prerequisite for any Facebook activity, except for familiarizing yourself with some of the content. A personal profile is an account that belongs to only one person.


Profile features:

  • According to Facebook rules, the profile name is the user’s real first and last name. If he/she wishes, he/she can specify other personal data: place of residence, place of work, occupation and so on.
  • A personal profile cannot be used for professional activities, i.e. you cannot advertise goods or services in it, or show other business activities.
  • The user publishes all content in the profile only in his/her own name.
  • You can add no more than 5 thousand people to your friend list.

Business page

  • A Facebook business account is a page. It can be created only if you have a personal profile in the social network. A page can represent a company, a brand or a public personality. Pages are also created as a thematic public.
  • On a business page, you cannot vary the degree of privacy of the content posted. All content on the page has the status of publicly available;
  • the page can be managed by several users. As a rule, the powers of such people are delimited. It is also allowed to transfer the rights to manage the page to another user;
  • if the owner of the page places content on it on his/her own behalf, it is published as one of the visitors’ posts. If content is posted on behalf of the page, it goes into the main feed;
  • the page does not have a Friend List, but it has subscribers. Any Facebook user can become a subscriber. There is no limit to the number of subscribers;
  • the most significant difference between a page and a personal profile: the ability to make paid promotion (place advertising), as well as the ability to track statistics on a variety of parameters. Having only a personal profile, the user is deprived of such opportunities.

To the disadvantages of the page can be attributed problems with getting the content posted on it in the feeds of subscribers, because users first of all see the publications of their friends. However, this problem is solved by advertising.

It is very important for page owners to take into account this feature of the social network algorithm. Because of Facebook’s algorithms, even friends with many years of experience may not see publications from your page. Be prepared for this and be sure to take care of advertising promotion of the page. Especially if the page is about your business.

Is it possible to turn an account into a business page?

Before the Facebook update, such an option was available to users, but recently the administration of the social network removed it. Why? Probably because such an option as changing the type of account could be used only once, and it was not possible to change it back. This is unlikely to have been satisfactory for all users.

After creating a business account, the user received a personal profile and a business page based on it. The profile could be used for personal purposes, have a friend list and post content of different privacy levels. The page had only publicly available status. The name of the page automatically became the name of the profile, avatar and cover could be transferred at will.

Attention! Although Facebook no longer allows you to make a business account from your personal profile, this does not mean that the social network has narrowed its opportunities for business promotion. The opportunities are there, and very extensive!

So how do I create a business account?

Now, if you have a Facebook account, you can create a new business page based on it. To do this, the social network offers the user a complete and very convenient toolkit.

What you should do is this:

  • Follow this link.
  • Decide on the type of page (company, brand, social movement, public personality).
  • Decide on a title.
  • In the appropriate segment, enter a brief but concise and clear description so that users can understand what content awaits them on the page.
  • Click “Create Page.”

The category of the business page can be changed as needed. It is important to include your business address on the page so that potential customers or clients can find you. Also very useful in this case is information about the mode of operation of the company: hours of operation, breaks or technical breaks (if any), other features if available.

Business page in Facebook is a very good toolkit for promoting both large companies and small businesses. First of all, because the possibilities of the social network allow you to reach a very large audience both in a particular territory and around the world.

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