Monster High Movies in Order: Journey Into the Monster World

If you enjoy watching animated movies, Are you a Monster High fan excited to explore the amazing world of these unique characters? With so many movies and TV specials, it can be tricky to know which order to watch them in. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Monster High is a really cool show that people love because it combines fashion, friendship, and exciting scary adventures. If you’re a fan and want to know more about the characters and their world, it’s important to know the order in which the Monster High movies came out.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the correct chronological order of the Monster High movies, so you can enjoy a smooth and immersive journey into the Monster High universe.

The Plot Of Monster High

The story of Monster High started as a series of books in 2010. These books became very popular because they were about fashion, friendship, and creatures with supernatural powers. After that, Monster High turned into a web series. They made short videos and put them on the Monster High website. This made fans even more excited about the franchise. Monster High became really successful and grew into different types of media, like movies and animated series.

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Monster High Movies in Order

Here is a list of all 16 Monster High movie series in the order they were released:

Sl No.Movie TitleRelease YearIMDb Rating
1Monster High: New Ghoul at School20106.8
2Monster High: Fright On20116.8
3Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?20126.9
4Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores20126.6
5Monster High: Ghouls Rule!20125.9
6Monster High: Friday Night Frights20126.8
7Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights20136.8
8Monster High: 13 Wishes20136.8
9Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!20146.6
10Monster High: Freaky Fusion20146.6
11Monster High: Haunted20156.2
12Monster High: Boo York, Boo York20156.6
13Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef20165.9
14Monster High: Welcome to Monster High20165.5
15Monster High: Electrified20175.5
16Monster High: The Movie (2022–Present)2022-

1. Monster High: New Ghoul at School (2010 TV Movie)

The story is about a young ghoul named Frankie Stein. She’s a special kind of monster, and the movie follows her first week at Monster High, a school for monsters.

Frankie faces challenges because she’s new to the school. She has to figure out how to fit in and make friends. At the same time, she also learns to be proud of her monster identity.

As the movie goes on, Frankie discovers more about herself and meets interesting characters. She experiences the ups and downs of high school life in a world full of monsters.

2. Monster High: Fright On (2011 TV Movie)

There are two separate schools, one for vampires and one for werewolves. But something special happens when the students from Monster High join them. They all have to learn to get along and work together, even though they are different kinds of monsters.

The story is about how the students from Monster High try to solve the problems between the vampires and werewolves. They come up with a plan to bring everyone together by organizing a friendly competition called the “Monster High Road Rally.” The rally is meant to encourage friendship and teamwork among the students from both schools.

3. Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love? (2012 TV Movie)

The story is all about Valentine’s Day and Draculaura’s 1600th birthday. Draculaura is one of the favorite characters in Monster High. Her friends want to throw a special party for her, and her boyfriend Clawd is looking for the perfect gift to surprise her.

But things get complicated when someone unexpected shows up. Draculaura’s old boyfriend, Valentine, appears and creates confusion and jealousy. Valentine is determined to win Draculaura back and cause problems in her relationship with Clawd.

As the story goes on, Draculaura has to make a choice between her past and present love interests. The movie explores the difficulties of love, staying loyal, and making tough decisions. It also talks about finding yourself and being true to who you are.

4. Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores (2012 TV Movie)

The Monster High ghouls go on a cool adventure during their spring break. They plan to have a super fun vacation. But something unexpected happens when their boat crashes on a spooky island called Skull Shores, which looks like a skull.

Now, the ghouls are stuck on the island without their familiar Monster High comforts. They have to work together to find a way back home. While exploring the island, they discover that it’s not empty. They meet strange and interesting creatures, including a group of friendly zombies who are misunderstood by others. Along the way, they learn about the island’s secrets and legends.

5. Monster High: Ghouls Rule! (2012 TV Movie)

The Monster High ghouls have an exciting adventure that happens during Halloween. The story begins when regular people, called normies, mistakenly blame the Monster High students for causing trouble on Halloween night.

The Monster High ghouls face discrimination and misunderstandings because of this. They need to prove that they are innocent and not responsible for the chaos. So, they decide to find out who the real troublemakers are.

During their investigation, the ghouls face many challenges and spooky situations. They confront their fears and learn the importance of working together. They want to bring peace and understanding between monsters and normies by showing unity.

6. Monster High: Friday Night Frights (2012)

The Monster High ghouls get involved in an exciting roller derby competition called the Skulltimate Roller Maze Championships. But there’s a problem when the boys’ team can’t participate because of some bad luck.

Frankie Stein takes charge and gathers her ghoulfriends to save the competition. She tells them that their special powers are needed to represent Monster High and keep its reputation.

The ghouls have to train and get ready for the roller derby. They face many challenges and obstacles. Each ghoul has to overcome their own fears and doubts. They also have to work together as a team, come up with strategies, and learn how to skate like pros. Through it all, they learn about the importance of friendship, never giving up, and believing in themselves.

7. Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights (2013 TV Movie)

In the movie the Monster High ghouls go on an exciting adventure to a beautiful city called Scaris. They are super excited because they want to show off their amazing fashion sense and creativity at the Scaris Fashion Expo.

When they arrive in Scaris, they are amazed by the city’s lively and fashionable atmosphere. They walk through its charming streets, visit fancy fashion stores, and meet other people who love fashion, like Skelita Calaveras, who is very stylish and talented.

But something unexpected happens when Clawdeen Wolf discovers a secret. She finds an old object called the “City of Frights” that has special powers and can change the fate of Scaris. People start talking about it, and the ghouls realize that Scaris and its fashion world are in danger.

8. Monster High: 13 Wishes (2013 TV Movie)

The students at Monster High begin a new school year, and Howleen Wolf discovers a genie who can grant her 13 wishes instead of the usual three. Howleen gets really excited because she thinks these wishes will make her life better and make her popular. She starts making wishes right away.

But soon, Howleen realizes that her wishes are causing problems and making things worse instead of better. Chaos ensues because of her wishes. With the help of her friends, Howleen has to find a way to fix everything and undo the mess she created. She learns an important lesson that true happiness doesn’t come from material things or changing how we look. It comes from inside ourselves.

9. Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014 TV Movie)

In the movie Draculaura is told that she is the rightful vampire queen. She gets really excited about becoming a queen, and her best friends come along with her to Transylvania for a big celebration. But soon, they discover a bad plan to steal Draculaura’s powers for evil reasons.

The ghouls have to navigate the dangerous world of vampire politics and hidden secrets. They rely on their special abilities and friendship to find the truth and save the day. Along the way, they meet mysterious characters, uncover family secrets that were kept hidden for a long time, and have exciting adventures.

10. Monster High: Freaky Fusion (2014 TV Movie)

In “Monster High: Freaky Fusion,” something goes wrong with a time-travel machine at Monster High. It sends ten cute ghoul girls back 200 years to when the school was just starting. But there’s a twist: the machine combines eight of them into four different bodies.

Now, the ghouls have to deal with being fused together and figure out how to go back to their own time. They face challenges and problems along the way. They also discover a secret that could change the future of Monster High. With their friendship and working together, they try to find a way to separate and go back to their normal selves.

11. Monster High: Haunted (2015 TV Movie)

The ghouls of Monster High discover that their friend Spectra Vondergeist is being followed by a ghost. They want to know why, so they go on an exciting adventure to find out.

They follow Spectra to her old ghost school, and it turns out to be a very spooky and supernatural place. To fit in, the ghouls use something called Boogey Sand to become ghosts themselves. This helps them explore the haunted halls and uncover the truth behind the haunting.

As they dig deeper into the ghostly secrets, the ghouls discover a dangerous plan that not only threatens Monster High but also the world of monsters and regular people. With their special abilities, they have to work together to solve the mystery, face the evil forces, and save everyone.

12. Monster High: Boo York, Boo York (2015 Video)

The Monster High ghouls go on an exciting adventure to the big city of Boo York. The De Niles, a famous monster family, want to create a new empire and fulfill their destiny. At the same time, Catty Noir, a popular singer, is searching for her true music.

While exploring the city, the ghouls get caught up in mysterious events. They find out about a prophecy that predicts the city’s destruction by a powerful comet. Determined to save Boo York, they join forces to uncover the secrets of the prophecy and stop the disaster from happening.

During their journey, they meet new friends and face tough challenges. They use music as their weapon to change the future of Boo York. Along the way, they learn the importance of working together, embracing their unique qualities, and finding their own voices.

13. Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef (2016 Video)

In the movie the ghouls of Monster High go on an exciting adventure underwater to a place called the Great Scarrier Reef. Lagoona Blue, who is a sea monster, discovers that her friend Kala Mer’ri is in trouble. Lagoona and her friends dive into action to save her.

As they explore the underwater world, they meet new and magical creatures, like the Peri and Pearl, who have special powers. But they soon realize that a bad force wants to cause chaos and destroy the reef.

Time is running out, so Lagoona and her friends have to find out the truth about the danger and bring peace back to the Great Scarrier Reef. During their journey, they learn to appreciate their own unique abilities, work together as a team, and accept others for who they truly are.

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14. Monster High: Welcome to Monster High (2016)

The main character Draculaura and her friends want to create a school where monsters and humans can go to together. It’s not easy because some people don’t like monsters, and some monsters are afraid of humans.

The story starts when Draculaura and her dad, Dracula, move to a new town. Draculaura wants to make her dream come true, so she goes to the local high school. She meets other monsters who also believe in acceptance and friendship between monsters and humans. They decide to start a school called Monster High, where everyone can feel safe and welcome. They face challenges along the way, but they keep working to prove that monsters and humans can get along and be friends.

15. Monster High: Electrified (2017 TV Movie)

In the movie “Monster High: Electrified,” the Monster High ghouls turn an old power station into a salon. They want to bring light and beauty to their town. But then, a ghoul named Moanica wants to take control of the town by using the power from the station.

The ghouls have to work together to stop Moanica and save their town from destruction. They learn that it’s important to stay united and accept each other’s differences. It’s an exciting adventure that teaches us about inclusivity and the power of teamwork.

Bonus: #16. Monster High: The Movie (2022–Present)

“Monster High: The Movie” is the first film in a series that has real actors and awesome songs. It’s directed by Todd Holland. The story is about Clawdeen, a special character who is part human and part werewolf.

She has a hard time fitting in until she discovers Monster High, a school where all kinds of unique creatures go. But trouble comes when someone wants to destroy Monster High and reveal Clawdeen’s secret. To save the day, Clawdeen has to embrace her inner monster, use her special abilities, and protect her friends and school.

Look forward to the sequel that will be released in 2023!

Where Can I Watch All The Old Monster High Movies?

If you’re interested in watching the Monster High movies, you can find them on popular streaming platforms like Amazon Channel, Paramount Plus, Apple TV Channel, Paramount Plus and Paramount+ .


What Monster High movie goes first?

The first Monster High movie released is “Monster High: New Ghoul at School.”

How many OG Monster High movies are there?

There are a total of 15 original Monster High movies.

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