Towing from State to State

The friendly people at Autostar Transport are here to take care of all your needs when it comes to state-to-state towing. Our customers may always take advantage of the peace of mind that comes with our reliable services and our readiness to go above and beyond, both literally and figuratively. Because of our more than 16 years of experience, we have established a stellar reputation.

Many different types of customers often rely on our long-distance towing services because they are relieved of the worry and stress of knowing that their car has been delivered in a safe and effective manner. Please have a look at the information below to find out more about our resources and areas of expertise.

The Best Justifications for Selecting Autostar Transport

An Abundance of Knowledge

Selecting our beneficial services gives you access to a multitude of expertise. We’ve had more than 16 years of experience, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to really polish our skill set. Every project we’ve embarked on over the years has given our team several chances to improve the quality of our work. We want to take all of the uncertainty out of this procedure because e are aware of how difficult it may be. Even the most complicated towing requests are processed as quickly as possible because of our protocols.

Dependable Carrier Network

We can more easily arrange services for our clients because of our extensive nationwide network of certified and skilled carriers. This guarantees that your car will go the whole distance in safety and security. It has never been simpler to manage long-distance towing services thanks to a wide network of carriers.

Individualized Support

We at Autostar Transport are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to this kind of work. We are here to ensure that each and every towing request is handled uniquely for this reason. Every client receives solutions that are specially designed to meet their needs. We can assist you with any kind of vehicle, be it a luxury car, motorcycle, standard-size vehicle, or speciality vehicle. We can respond as swiftly and effectively as possible to any needs that may develop because we have the knowledge and tools necessary.

Open Monitoring and Interaction

We are aware that the process of long-distance towing can be difficult at times, and there will inevitably be circumstances in which you must pick things up more rapidly. You need to be certain that you have a staff in place that can respond quickly to any queries or concerns that may come up. To ensure that there is no need for worry and anxiety to worsen, we would be more than pleased to give our clients regular updates during the procedure. Our team of experts has a natural understanding of your requirements and offers you a cutting-edge tracking system with real-time monitoring capabilities.

Affordable Services

We take great satisfaction in offering our services as an affordable choice to a wide range of clients, as you will observe when you make use of them. You’ll be happy to learn that our services are much less expensive than more conventional short-distance towing. For instance, did you know that a one-way ticket from Albany, New York to Austin, Texas, only costs $1,290? In the meantime, plan to pay $895 for long-distance towing services from Miami, Florida, to New York City, New York.

Remember that these approximate costs are based on a standard sedan. The market, the time of year, and the mode of transportation may all affect these costs.

Advantages of Long Distance Towing Services

Our services will undoubtedly be suitable for all of your long-distance towing needs when you need a dependable solution. We take great satisfaction in providing a stress-free and incredibly effective solution. Let’s have a better look at all of our benefits before you get in touch with us. You may guarantee a more seamless procedure by giving us the responsibility for your long-distance towing needs.


We ensure that your car reaches its destination on schedule by taking all reasonable precautions. Additionally, by avoiding needless miles, our staff ensures that the vehicle experiences the least amount of wear and tear.

Calm Stat

Our staff can take over and leave you to relax rather than having to plan several modes of transportation or make lengthy trips. This is especially important for people who can’t manage long drives by themselves.

Lots of Experience

We can rely on a wealth of experience that we have accumulated over the years handling numerous long-distance towing expeditions. The car will be easily moved in a secure and safe manner.

Managing Every Stage of the Procedure

Please take a moment to go here to learn more about this process. Let us break down each step for you in the interim.

Planning and Reserving

We provide a useful synopsis of the booking procedure, highlighting the significance of precise details on the pickup, drop-off, and car itself.

Getting the Car Ready

Everything that needs to be done in advance is talked about, including how to secure the car and pack important things.

Loading Plus Delivery

This step involves talking about the loading procedure, the right towing gear, and the availability of enclosed trailers. The extra security is essential.

Talking and Monitoring

We outline our commitment to offering tracking capabilities and frequent updates. Moreover, the significance of open lines of communication is emphasized.


Which Kinds of Cars Get Towed?

At Autostar Transport, we tow a wide range of vehicle types, including trucks, cars, SUVs, motorbikes, and vans. It makes no difference if the car is a standard-sized car or a specialist car. We have the knowledge and tools you require.

How Would Someone Request Such a Service?

You can reach our hardworking staff by phone. On our firm website, you can also fill out an online form by clicking this link. Don’t forget to include the crucial information, such as your exact needs, the location of your car, and its final destination. After that, we will walk you through every stage of the procedure and provide you a useful estimate.

Will My Car Continue to Be Covered During the Procedure?

Yes, in a word. Every carrier partner of Autostar Transport offers the appropriate insurance coverage. Unexpected events that might arise are easily handled. Our main goal is to connect you with qualified carriers. It’s that simple.

Will My Car Continue to Be Covered During the Procedure?

The length of your trip will determine the response, but our staff will stop at nothing to ensure a smooth and quick process.

How Will the Progress of the Vehicle Be Monitored?

We will be pleased to offer a user-friendly tracking system. You may track the progress of your car in real time. Important updates can always be obtained from our customer care team or through our web portal. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that they most require on a trip like this.

Are My Personal Items Able to Travel with Me?

Before the car is towed, we advise removing all personal items from it. This keeps you in line with transportation laws and guarantees a higher degree of safety. But if particular situations or requirements emerge, we are here to provide the appropriate direction.

What Happens If My Car Isn’t Operating?

Our crew has a lot of expertise working with non-running cars. In these cases, flatbed and wheel lift towing are available. Tell our staff during the towing conversation if your car isn’t operating right now, and we’ll be happy to assist you in setting up the right plans.

What’s the Average Cost of Long-Distance Towing?

Numerous variables, including needs, vehicle type, distance, and market conditions, affect costs. We provide affordable prices and tailored quotes based on certain requirements. Get in touch with our staff as soon as you can to find out more about all the ways we can help you with your long-distance towing requirements.

Selecting the Top Long Distance Towing Provider

Experience and reputation ought to come first at all times. Key components are a solid track record and invaluable experience. One cannot jeopardize proper licensing or insurance on either. Finally, you ought to spend some time reading client endorsements and reviews. These assist you in determining the service’s dependability. Choose Autostar Transport, a trustworthy business with experience, for state-to-state towing, and you can feel secure knowing that all the details will be handled. Click here to find out more. 

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