A Detailed Guide in Actions to be taken in case your child is shoplifting

Everyone goes out shopping with kids. Sometimes, you may realize that your child suddenly disappears from your sight. Nevertheless, some children might get engaged in shoplifting. Kids do not realize it but they are involved in shoplifting. As a parent, you must address such a crucial matter. In this article, we will guide you on how you can make better choices for your children if stuck in such a problematic situation. We will also explore in-depth the ways to protect your child from the repercussions of shoplifting. We will also delve into the ways to adopt once your child is involved in this activity.

Concept of Shoplifting:

Shoplifting is quite a common issue nowadays. It is most common among high school students and teenagers. Some children consider it as a thrill or an adventure. While others are driven by their endless list of wishes and desires. Nonetheless, shoplifting is a serious crime all around the world. It is termed as an illegal practice in every jurisdiction globally. Therefore, it is essential to understand the consequences of shoplifting. The implications are quite severe. This may lead to issues including imprisonment, Hefty fines, and sentence.  The ultimate penalty or punishment depends upon the age of the child and the scenario of the incident. Contact the Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai to understand this concept in much details. 

Legal Considerations

The children who are in the age bracket of 7 to 18 are considered juveniles. As per the law, they are given relaxation due to their age. Still, the law addresses the offenses committed by juveniles and children within this age group. In case, if a child is involved in shoplifting, the severity of the situation can depend on various factors.

In case, if a child has stolen a superstore, it can be returned to them. Usually, a parent might choose to pay, apologize, and move on. In serious situations, it is considered to be theft. It will escalate from a small mistake. It is a serious crime.

In case a shoplifting incident takes a turn into a criminal matter. Legal guidance from a professional specialist will represent your child in the case. They will communicate with the relevant authorities. They assist in the potential negotiations with the store.

Legal Punishments and Penalties for Juveniles 

For juveniles who have committed a crime, many arrangements can be made. Such arrangements are less punitive. It is less severe for adults and teenagers. 

Such kind of arrangements may include Reprimanding, Handing over to a guardian, Judicial examination, Prevention from entering specific places, Prohibition of some activities, compulsory professional training, Placement in a remedial shelter, rehabilitation institute, educational housing, and Deportation from the country if needed.

Parental Accountability is essential. In a few cases, Parents, guardians, or caregivers may face the consequences. The judge may choose to impose heavy fines or any other kind of penalty. It is up to the jury’s discretion. 

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