Alexia Putellas Net Worth: Unveiling the Wealth of a Football Icon


Alexia Putellas, the talented Spanish footballer, has taken the world of women’s football by storm with her incredible skills, determination, and passion for the game. As one of the most prominent figures in women’s football, fans and sports enthusiasts often wonder about her net worth. In this article, we will explore Alexia Putellas’ net worth, her career achievements, and the sources of her income.

A Rising Star in Women’s Football

Born on February 4, 1994, in Mollet del Vallès, Spain, Alexia Putellas has always had a deep love for football. Her journey to stardom began at a young age when she joined the youth academy of FC Barcelona, one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world. She quickly rose through the ranks, showcasing her exceptional talent and determination on the field.

Alexia’s dedication and hard work paid off when she made her debut for FC Barcelona’s senior team in 2012. Since then, she has become an integral part of the squad, contributing significantly to the club’s numerous successes. Her incredible performances have earned her a place among the world’s top women’s footballers.

Career Achievements

Alexia Putellas has achieved remarkable success throughout her football career, both on the club and international levels. Some of her notable achievements include:

  1. Multiple Liga F titles: Alexia has been a key player in FC Barcelona’s Liga F (Primera División) triumphs. The team has consistently dominated Spanish women’s football during her tenure.
  2. UEFA Women’s Champions League: Under her leadership, FC Barcelona Women reached the finals of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, showcasing their strength on the European stage.
  3. Individual Awards: Alexia Putellas has received numerous individual awards, including the FIFA Best Women’s Player, UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, and the Ballon d’Or Féminin.

Sources of Income

  1. Club Salary: A significant portion of Alexia Putellas’ income comes from her club, FC Barcelona Women. As a prominent player in one of the top women’s football teams in the world, she earns a substantial salary.
  2. Endorsements: Like many successful athletes, Alexia Putellas has attracted sponsorship deals and endorsements. Her popularity and success on the field make her an attractive ambassador for various brands.
  3. National Team: As a member of the Spanish national team, Alexia receives compensation for her appearances in international competitions and friendly matches.
  4. Prize Money and Bonuses: Her achievements in football have led to various bonuses and prize money, particularly when her team wins major tournaments or league titles.

Net Worth Estimate

While concrete figures for Alexia Putellas’ net worth are not publicly disclosed, her income from club salaries, endorsements, and other sources is estimated to be substantial. Given her status as one of the best women’s footballers in the world, it’s safe to assume that her net worth is in the millions.


Alexia Putellas has not only made a name for herself in women’s football but has also become an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide. With her impressive career achievements, endorsements, and club income, her net worth is undoubtedly substantial. As she continues to shine on the football pitch, her financial success is expected to grow, solidifying her legacy as one of the greatest women’s football players of her generation.

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