Pro-Tips to Select the Right Home Tiles

When it comes to adding character and charm to your space, few elements have the power to make a statement quite like tile. Whether it’s glass mosaic walls or ceramic shower floor tile you love, endless design possibilities let you create a stunning aesthetic throughout your home.

But with a vast variety also comes the challenge of selecting the ideal product that aligns with your vision. Fear not, designing with tiles doesn’t have to be complicated. Read on and find pro tips on how to choose between different tile types and set the tone with the right color, pattern, and size.

  • Define your home’s aesthetic

Before reaching for the first tiles you come across, define your desired aesthetic first. Do you have the whimsy for rustic or vintage interiors? Prefer something modern and contemporary? Perhaps a classic look is more your style and you love the beauty of white subway tiles. Taking a moment to visualize your space will help you decide on tiles that align with your vision. 

  • Research materials and characteristics

As you search for the right home tiles, you’ll come across various options including ceramic, porcelain, marble, metal, and glass. Each of these materials possesses unique characteristics and aesthetics. That said, tiles are generally durable, resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. At the end of the day, it will come down to the purpose of the room, your preferred style, and your budget.

  • Consider practical needs of each space

Not all tiles are the same. Ceramic and marble possess the durability needed for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Porcelain’s exceptional strength can endure high foot traffic in entryways, living rooms, kitchens, and outdoors. Glass mosaic tiles are frostproof, resistant to water damage and staining, and provide a textured grip ideal for swimming pool design. Choose tiles that reflect the purpose of the area or room to ensure longevity.

  • Set the tone with tile and grout color

Tile color can set a mood, evoke emotion, and create a captivating visual symphony. Explore hues that gel well with your furnishings and resonate with the overall ambiance you want to create in each room. Also, consider factors such as the size of the room and the light it receives. Here are some simple tips you can follow:

  • Light tones, like white backsplash tiles, can brighten and open up a small space. For an even greater effect, opt for a high gloss finish.
  • Darker tiles can be anything you want them to be: dramatic, regal, or moody. They can envelop a large space, setting a cozy and inviting mood.
  • For a relaxed vibe, cool neutrals and soothing greens and blues are a sure bet. An ideal choice for spa-like bathrooms and coastal-inspired kitchens.
  • Bold and vibrant choices, like pink tiles, add a punch needed to enliven a muted scheme. 

You’ll also have to think about grout color. Matching grout minimizes the visibility of tile joints and creates a unified look. Choosing a darker or contrasting grout color will make your tile design more apparent and a standout feature.

  • Decide on tile size and shape

To pick tile size and shape, consider the size of the room. Large tiles create flow in a big space—but also make a small one feel bigger than it really is. Geometric mosaic tiles work well as a decorative accent in bathrooms, kitchens, and powder rooms. Using three or more different tile sizes can result in a chaotic space that feels more compact.

In regards to shapes, large rectangle tiles can help make a narrow space feel wider. The same effect is created with subway backsplash tiles stacked horizontally. Whereas a vertical lay pattern gives the illusion of taller walls and high ceilings. Make sure to balance intricate mosaic shapes with muted elements for a cohesive look.

  • Seek out expert guidance

As you shop around for the best living room flooring, kitchen backsplash, or shower wall tile, don’t shy away from seeking help from a professional. Many online tile stores have experts on hand to help and ensure you end up with the right tiles that meet your project needs.

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