Reasons Why You Are So Slow At Writing Essays

Writing essays is an integral component of their academic journey, yet many struggle with the pace at which they produce essays. In this blog post, we’ll examine some reasons for slow essay production as well as strategies to overcome these challenges and further discuss them. Finally, we will present an impartial review.

Lack of Proper Planning

One of the main causes for individuals writing slowly is their failure to craft a comprehensive plan. Without an outline in place, ideas become disorganized, making communicating thoughts coherently an ongoing struggle. To combat this problem, draft an outline with details for your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion – this simple yet effective step can significantly speed up writing speeds.

Lack of Research 

One common factor contributing to slow essay writing is insufficient research. Without the required information available to them, writers may spend an excessive amount of time searching for relevant data. To address this problem and ensure thorough and accurate information is gathered before beginning to write, devote dedicated research time before diving into the writing process. Trustworthy sources like academic journals or reliable websites should be utilized when conducting this type of investigation.

Perfectionism Paralysis

The pursuit of perfection can sometimes impede productivity. Writers may become paralyzed by their desire for flawless prose, taking an excessively long time to craft each sentence. To stay productive, it’s essential to recognize that your first draft is simply that – draft – so give yourself freedom when writing without the pressure of perfection and reserve refining for later in the editing stage.


Procrastination can be the silent killer of productivity. Delaying starting an essay until the last minute not only increases stress levels but also compromises its quality. To combat procrastination and avoid last-minute rush jobs, break up writing sessions into manageable chunks with realistic deadlines set. This strategy fosters accountability while guaranteeing a steady writing pace.

Diversions and Multitasking

Our hyperconnected world makes it hard to focus, making it challenging to stay on task with writing an essay. Staying off social media, responding to messages, or multitasking can interrupt writing flow significantly – to improve it further, create a dedicated workspace with limited notifications turned off and set specific time periods set aside for focused writing – this will reduce disruptions while speeding up essay production!

Time management

Time management is a key element of essay writing speed. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle with allocating their time efficiently, leading them down an ineffective path and producing subpar essays in a rush. To address this challenge, create a realistic schedule which includes time set aside for brainstorming, research, writing and editing as well as prioritization tasks based on importance and deadlines to make essay writing more systematic and efficient.

Limitations with Typing Skills

Typing skills play an integral part in essay composition speed in this digital era. If you find yourself spending excessively long pecking away at the keyboard, investing time into improving your typing proficiency could significantly speed up essay composition and speed up writing time overall. Online typing tutorials and practice sessions may significantly improve your ability to express thoughts quickly, which could ultimately translate to faster essay completion times.

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure can be paralyzing and inhibit creativity and productivity. Writers who fear meeting high expectations or receiving criticism may find themselves second-guessing every word written. To combat this fear, focus more on learning than on final results; recognize mistakes as part of life’s journey and use them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Lack of Cohesive Thoughts

Some individuals struggle with organizing their thoughts, leading them down a chaotic and drawn-out writing path. To remedy this issue, stream-of-consciousness writing can help. Simply allow your thoughts to flow without overthinking structure or grammar – this exercise will allow your key ideas and thoughts to develop without interrupting the flow. Eventually, it should help streamline your thought process so it becomes simpler to structure an essay coherently.

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Addressing slow essay writing requires a multifaceted approach, from proper planning and research to overcoming perfectionism and procrastination, as well as using essay writing services that emphasize ethical use and accountability within academic writing.

By implementing these strategies and being mindful of potential pitfalls, individuals can unlock their writing potential and produce essays more efficiently. Remember, writing is a skill you can develop over time with practice; with the appropriate mindset and approach you can overcome any challenges to slow essay writing.

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