Trendy Transitions to Use for Short Videos for More Engagement

Short videos are gaining popularity across the internet as users find it more engaging & entertaining. Recently, app for editing videos have been introduced in the market to create attractive visuals. The theme of videos and content ideas are primarily responsible for increasing short video engagement. Still, editing can be a game-changer. As a creator, we must learn the basics of editing & few transitions to edit the videos like a professional one. 

Under video editing, transitions are referred to as the movement between two pictures or videos. It is a post-production thing to merge the clip and scale up the editing skills. We can use different apps for editing videos that provide free inbuilt transitions for video creation.

Let’s look at the top transitions that work best for short videos & enhance the overall editing.


This technique goes well for transitional traveling short videos or vlogs. Users feel like an open door when switching to another clip of an image or video. Creators use the doorway transaction to portray the smooth editing for short videos based on the same storyline without frequent changes. 


Creating aesthetic visuals is another prominent transition that creators can use for their short videos. There are multiple ways to edit these transitions, such as top-to-down, upward, left-to-right, right-to-left, and downwards. It makes videos more appealing & feels like a multidimensional outlook. 


Cross-dissolve transitions work best for smooth short video editing & compatibility with informative content types. Under the feature, before switching to the next clip in the order the previous one gets dissolved. Most creators use these transitions to edit videos showing historical places.


This is known as twisting short video transitions that attract users to create hypnotic visuals. Although the creator uses this transition for food-related content, it can still be used for other genres like dancing clips & other artistic content. 

Blurry Videos

Under this blur transition video, the creator used to share any surprising event or revelation about their personal or professional updates. Most popularly, this transition goes well with travel or blog videos. 

Fade to Black or White

Color scheme transitions leave special effects on videos. The creator uses either black or white shades to create the aesthetic look. Fashion creators use the transition to feature their top looks and merge clips together. It matches the theme of fashion and another royal outlook on real locations. 

Green Screen

Under the video technique, shooting with a green screen involves a solid color background that can be converted into whatever images the creator wants. Sometimes, creators put one static color for the background; otherwise, they put funny images for sarcastic posts. Funny video app provides the inbuilt green screen feature to record the best short video. 

Zoom in/out

The transition comes under the creative video transition, where the zooming feature is used to connect different clips. It works best for longer videos to portray a story or theme with many short clips. Still, creators can use the transitions for short videos for outing clips, bike riding, and even funny clips. 

Are Transitions Really Effective?

Video transitions are an excellent tool for creating visually appealing editing in short videos that make them more engaging. Smooth transitions remain unnoticeable and take around less than a second to show the effect. Most creators use the best app for editing videos to add transitions to their clips. It has a remarkable effect on short videos, even if the duration is 30 to 60 seconds. Joining two similar or different clips requires some connective points to create elaborate transitions. 

If you want to see the effect, create one video with transitions & another without any transitions. By close observation, you will see the difference and track the magic of transitional effects. People get into the misconception that this editing requires hard skill and knowledge of advanced features. However, in reality, app for editing videos make it too easy, like a drag & drop mode to add transitions. 

Advanced transitions are used by influencers & brands to create a professional video impact on the audience. It helps to glorify the overall look of the video with small elements. With some research on what transition goes well with which content type, creators can make top-class videos. 

Wrapping Up! 

Top creators like Hina Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Shantanu Maheshwari, and Mouni Roy create videos on different platforms. It helps them to create their branding with best-moment videos, increasing their fan following. Anyone can be a creator using the best app for editing videos to make short trendy videos. Many funny video apps are available for people who love to watch sarcastic or meme-based funny videos. Join the craze of short video apps & start your creator journey by downloading the best apps! 

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