Vegas-based Netflix Series ‘Obliterated’ Got Mixed Ratings 

The opening shots in Obliterated are off the Strip in Las Vegas. They eventually focus on a rooftop party at one of the hotels on the Strip. At the pool party, a woman in a bikini is serving drinks in a VIP area. This is actually CIA intelligence officer Ava Winters, who is leading a task force attempting to bring down a Russian arms dealer, Ivan Koslov. 

Navy SEAL Chad McKnight and his sidekick, Trunk, are part of the task force, and in this scene, they are two douchebags in the pool Ava Winters is trying to fend off. The series had mixed reviews, with many critics panning it, although it did have its fans. 

A nuclear threat

The task force is dealing with a nuclear threat to Las Vegas. Sin City will be blasted to pieces if they don’t disarm the nuke. In the series, we see the characters in different locations, such as running in the desert and along the Vegas Strip. The action causes casino goers playing table games in casinos to take cover. 

The premise of the series 

The nuclear threat is thwarted, and the task force celebrates with a party suite, booze, and drugs. The premise of the movie relies on the fact that when they realize that the nuke they recovered was fake, they have to save the day despite their condition. They have to fight through their impairments and personal issues to find the real nuke. 

Some people like to watch mystery movies to try and figure out what’s going to happen. Others enjoy watching action series like this that offer raunchy comedy and pure escapism. Besides guns and action, there’s attraction between task force members and interpersonal strife. There’s also plenty of bloodshed, sex, and nudity. 

A high-speed chase and other stunts

A big action sequence in the series involves a party bus and a high-speed chase. It was very difficult to pull off and required shutting down the southbound lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard. The police helped the scene happen on a busy Las Vegas night. They managed to hold traffic back for about five to seven minutes at a time. This allowed 17 precision drivers and two stunt drivers with a camera car to careen down the Strip. 

Towards the end of the series, another stunt was filmed on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo. This made the series work in terms of the locale and the stunt work because much of it was shot on location in Las Vegas. 

Where was the series filmed?

Some scenes were filmed in Las Vegas at locations like Caesar’s Place. However, not all of them took place in Las Vegas and casinos like some of the best gambling movies. There were scenes shot on set in New Mexico. A 19-foot high and 60-foot long LED video wall created sweeping views of the city from the hotel rooftop. 

The final moments

Before the nuke explodes, Hagerty, a bomb expert, rides into a casino on a camel. The task force went all over to look for the nuke when all along it was hidden inside a slot machine in the Plaza Hotel. Hagerty makes it to the nuke and snips the wires to disarm it at the very last second. The last song you would expect him to be playing is Michael Bublé’s cover of Feeling Good, but Hagerty can’t work without listening to him. This passion of his keeps Hagerty from being the quintessential macho guy. 

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