Options for Designing Branded Merchandise

Options to design and create branded products as a way of marketing and promotion are many. From custom jacket printing to stickers, phone cases and more, there are a lot of popular products people enjoy keeping and using. Here are five items that make people happy while being used to promote whatever you want.

Jackets and hoodies 

T-shirts are not the only garments that can be customised. You can create a customised jacket or hoody too. These are popular items of clothing and can be used for employees to wear when the conditions require it and also to be given away as prizes or at events. They are more costly to create and use than t-shirts but in certain situations or at particular times of the year, are a lot more appropriate. They offer protection and warmth as well as a large area for images, logos, a phone number or such. When you choose good quality materials it ensures they are worn more, they last longer and you get out your message over and over again. Custom jacket printing is a great canvas.

Stickers and magnets

These are fun items, magnets last longer than stickers, but it depends on what you want to see happen and who your audience is. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience the stickers are always popular. Magnets are something people often stick to their fridges for future referrals. This is an affordable option but still has a significant impact, they make great gifts for employees or customers. They are lighthearted but effective Linen shower curtains.


If you are looking for another garment other than the customised jacket there is the hat. It might be a cap, a woollen hat, or some other type. People wear hats for all kinds of reasons and situations and they cross the age bracket too. They are very affordable and while they are a smaller item they are still very visible because of their position on the head of the body.

Phone cases

Most people have phones and a lot of them use phone cases to protect their devices. This is a great chance to advertise as people are getting out their phones all the time everywhere they go. There are a lot of colors and styles to meet everyone’s preferences and being useful it is very popular.

Water bottles 

More and more people are using water bottles now instead of adding to the plastic waste the planet is struggling with. This is an opportunity not just for marketing reasons but also to show that you as a business or organisation also place importance on looking after the environment. People are wanting to drink more water for health reasons and refillable water bottles are the best option for this. They are easy to carry, a great thing you can put your logo on and safer for people’s health as well as the greener choice. This is a big opportunity for any business that chooses to use a water bottle as a promotional item.

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